Lifelong Learning Survey


Lifelong Learning Centre (L3C), Ministry of Education is interested in measuring the current level of participation in lifelong learning among Bruneian adults (aged 15 and above across Brunei Darussalam) through this survey. In addition to that, this survey will also explore:

• Who participates in learning (and who doesn’t);

• Motivations and barriers;

• How learning is undertaken;

• Benefits experienced as a result of learning;

• Future intentions to learn; and

• Learning needs

The data gathered will provide insight on the current lifelong learning situation in Brunei Darussalam and guide the Centre in identifying future strategic initiatives and projects towards promoting a national culture of lifelong learning.

This online survey will be conducted from March 27, 2023 until April 9, 2023 and will take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and be used for research purposes only.

For any enquiries,

Please email us at